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Bring everything right at your fingertips! Tevel connects you with everything you can possibly imagine
and make your surroundings alive. Thanks to the most revolutionary technology of this era – blockchain
technology and creative minds behind the excellent work that will be done by a team of COFC
technologie’s – an Israel based blockchain and software development company. Tevel is aiming to
surpass the major location-based service providers that include Foursquare, uber, gas Buddy, Target,

The best thing about Tevel is that it is not only limited to a specific domain as it provides the
infrastructure that is quite suitable for all sort of businesses. Another exceptional aspect about Tevel is
the utilization of blockchain technology and the advent of crypto tokens that makes it quite seamless,
transparent and secure platform compared to the existed location-based service provider giants. Talking
about the various advantages of using blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Tevel stands out of the crow
compared to its centralized rivals. All the transactions are quite transparent and cost effective as there is
no middleman to cut the fees. Moreover, users are getting connected to each other directly that makes
it quite impressive.

Connect, sell and buy

Tevel is another revolutionary concept brought out by COFC technologies. Tevel offers location-based
services, where everyone can register their selves offer their services by listing their business or services
or products. Which means Tevel is a place where every icon around you become alive and useful. Tevel
allows you to connect with people, businesses, restaurants, professionals, plumbers, taxi and almost
everything you can imagine. That’s now all! You can even order the services or product right away within
few clicks. The best thing about the Tevel is that you can even pay with COFC coin securely and
transparently without paying anything extra. Apart from being an extremely productive utility, Tevel
itself is a social media platform added with business-friendly infrastructure. However, Tevel went ahead
of the concept of social media. It doesn’t only connect the people but it helps users to know the value of
professionals by allowing them to be ranked by other users who had previously get benefited from their
services or products.


Grow your business with Tevel

Another impressive feature of Tevel is its business-friendly infrastructure and its ability to attract the
customers and grow the business locally as well as globally. Tevel brings the most productive way of
promoting the brand and businesses with its built-in facility accept payments from customers, AI
reports, built-in wallet facilities, and ability to attract the customers and grow business.
You can create and list your business on Tevel to attract local customers. In addition to that, Tevel offers
full compatibility for each type of business & service provider. Menu management, inventory of
products, invoicing and more. All of these features make it a perfect place to attract more customer and
scale your services and products. In order to get ahead of the market, Tevel also provides AI based
reports that include visitor statistics, reports, recommendations and a variety of features that will help
you get your business moving forward. on a successful trade, Tevel’s built-in wallet facility allows the
merchants to store, receive, transfer and pay by cash token safely and securely.
COFC team has already launched the pilot program for the Tevel and offering 1000 cash tokens as a
reward for first 2000 participants.


Creative minds behind Tevel

As we have mentioned before, Tevel is one of the projects of COFC technologies. Daniel Danilovich,
founder and CEO of the Tevel as well as COFC technologies is currently leading the project. Daniel a
25-year-old young entrepreneur, with his life dedicated to technological development, started
endeavoring the blockchain technology five years ago and today is he considered as one of the best
technological entrepreneurs, web designer, and marketing expert. He has spent significant years of his
life developing distinctive projects successfully and now he is trying to bridge the gap between the
blockchain technology and real life with his Tevel like projects.
Other key members of the company include Abraham Tzur, legal advisor at Tevel, Ariel Feldman, CTO of
the company, Asher Idan, Strategic Adviser and Herbert R. Sim, Advisor & Investor in Tevel. Few more
members are yet to be announced. However, each of them is erudite in their own field and paying
considerable efforts to take Tevel on another level. Ariel Feldman, chief technology officer of the
company has previously worked with Daniel quite a few times on several projects.
Talking about Asher Idan, a lecturer, and consultant for international Businesses in London, Beijing, New
York, in the area of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Future Management, Innovation, Forecasting. He is quite
popular for the research papers he had published in the number of domains of web, economy, machine
learning, and AI. Faculty member of Information Science at Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv, Asher is on
Tevel’s board of member to take the company on the peak of success.
Herbert R. Sim is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, digital illustrator, and writer. Some people
even know him as Bitcoin Man. One of the very few ‘blue tick’ public figure in the domain of blockchain
and cryptocurrencies, Herbert has also known for his contribution to top international publications such
as Forbes and Huffington Post. Moreover, he is the founder of crypto chain University (CCU) and
previously worked as the Chief Marketing Officer of Cryptology exchange, and prior to that, the Global
Operations Director at Huobi Global. Currently, he is pretty excited about driving the Tevel economy
across the globe.
Legal Advisor of Tevel, Abraham Tzur is an associate at Dentons and a member of the Real Estate,
Banking and Finance, and Energy practice groups. He focuses his practice on cross-border financing and
real estate transactions. Abraham represents financial institutions, public companies and private equity
investors in financing, M&A and joint venture transactions in a range of sectors including real estate,
energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, services and venture capital in numerous jurisdictions worldwide.
Tevel team is full of erudite professionals and visionaries that make the journey of Tevel in domain of
location-based services quite promising.


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