Basic SEO Tips for Beginners


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When going for the Google search for SEO then you are going to get around 500 million search results. Crazy, right? There are tons of different ways available through which one can increase the traffic on the website, yet some are way more effective than others.

Working on your SEO will help to boost up the ranking of the website which will surely help to increase traffic on the website, if you do it right. I know this might be confusing if you’re just starting out, so I’ve come up with a list of some tips which will help beginners boost up the raking.

Write Longer Posts

We’ve all heard it before – content is king. Content can provide your website with strong links from other websites that will help your site to gain popularity and get some amazing backlinks. There are thousands of articles available online, but the reader wants to get unique content which is worth sharing and will benefit them.

There’s no golden rule about how many words should be in your articles, but normally longer, more in-depth articles tend to rank higher because they have more information that users are looking for, therefore it’s a more valuable piece of content that will rank higher. In fact, most pages that are ranking in the first pages on Google normally have around 1k+ words.

Do your keyword research

This one is CRITICAL. There are tons of articles online that talk about how you can do keyword research and unfortunately, this is a vital step that many tend to skip. If you don’t do keyword research from the beginning, you can forget about getting results because high rankings on Google don’t just come from nowhere.

A tip to always keep in mind – think about the user first, and only after that, about search engine algorithms. Don’t be one of those people who write content for robots instead of real people.

Make sure you’re choosing some extremely relevant keywords, and to learn how to do it correctly, check out this article.


Backlinking is considered when one website is mentioning another website through a link. Having some good quality backlinks will have a significant impact on your ranking. The thing to consider is that backlinking should also support the same content.  Guest posting is an effective way to bring traffic to your site and get quality links from other blogs.

Backlinks are actually one of the main factors that directly impact your rankings, so make sure you build good relationships with other blogs that will link to your site or just create amazing pieces of content that are worth mentioning and linking out to.

Create some social buzz!

Having some social signals from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest isn’t necessarily the biggest factor when it comes to ranking high on Google, but it definitely helps. Plus, it’s free to post on these platforms, so why not take the advantage?


That’s it! I hope you gained some insight into where to start SEO as a beginner.

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