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1.Google keep

This one’s not really just for YouTubers is for almost anyone. Google keep is a great app for taking notes jotting things down saving things its sort of like the new text memos but now you can add photos, you can draw on them, you can take bulleted lists. Everything you can imagine with Google keep. With Google keep I do stuff like I save templates for descriptions and I will also put some canned responses in there for comments, so when someone comments something, I can just copy and paste straight to a comment. You can use it for like reminders for Instagram and remind yourself when to post on Instagram. I keep my Instagram tags and Google keep. It is just a great app to choose from for keeping yourself in order.

2. Creator studio app

My personal favorite on this list is the creator studio app. It’s a great app for showing you everything you need to know about your YouTube channel. You can look up any video, see the views the likes the dislikes, the comments, the analytics and you can look up the view duration, you can look up how many views it has, watch time etc. Almost every single thing that’s in the YouTube dashboard on a desktop can be seen on the creator studio app. The greatest part about the creator studio app is that it gives you a notification when people are commenting on your YouTube videos, so the quickest way to respond to them is through the creator studio app notifications. You can go in and heart their comment, you can like it,  give them a response and you can also use Google keep from earlier if you have a certain response for them like someone needs to know something you have a video perfect for that that you can just send the link to from there.

3. Photo Editor / Snapseed

The next one on the list is photo editor and Snapseed. The photo editor is for Android and Snapseed is for Apple. These are the two best photo editing apps on mobile for creating thumbnails. You can do almost anything you can imagine – it’s the closest thing you’re gonna get to Photoshop for a mobile device and it’s such a great thing! I use the photo editor to create all my thumbnails. You can choose exactly what resolutions you want the type of image, whether that’s a JPEG of PNG. There are many effects, framings and all kinds of effects that most photo editors are not gonna have. Honestly, there’s just so much packed into this app for it to be on mobile and it’s a very impressive app, I highly suggest both of these. Great for creating thumbnails on the go.

4. Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy Mobile is very new, it just came out on Android this week it’s been out with Apple for a couple weeks. It’s gonna tell you everything you need to do, it’s gonna suggest tags, it’s going to tell you what you’re missing in certain areas if you need to work on your title, description and tags and sort of match those up so you can do that triple keywording. I’ve talked about before, it’s a phenomenal extension that’s really gonna point out things to help you grow and really show you stuff that you may not even be thinking about but with the Tube Buddy mobile app it’s gonna show you all your recent videos, all your recent comments, but along with that just being able to respond to those from there and look at those analytics.

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