Mining Bitcoin in Web Browser ? Profit or Loss ?


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Today I am here to explain the Bitcoin mining in web browsers.
I will be telling you that is Bitcoin mining in web browsers worth it or not so let’s get started some of you might be here for the just yes and no kind of answer luckily for those short answer is no it’s not worth it now for those of you who took the red pill and want to see how deep the rabbit-hole goes just stick with me until the end of the video mining Bitcoin in the web browser is what not that easy until last month in late September of 2017 a website named “freebitcoin” provided a service to their users to mine Bitcoin in web browsers this is a faucet sites now for those of you who don’t know what faucet is faucet is like a reward system that will give you a small amount of Bitcoin for completing a capture or some other task if you want to earn money in the faucets then I will give you a link in the description below go sign up on that link and earn bitcoins all you have to do is to fill a CAPTCHA ok enough on faucets going back to the topic so when this website launched this mining feature people started asking question about it on the YouTube videos so that’s why I am making this video if you are seeing this video in the far future from 2017 the information may be outdated so keep an eye out for that first of all I have to tell you that I have an old laptop so the mining speed will be not that great but still it goes up to 14 kilo hashes 100% CPU usage right now it won’t go up to 14 kilo hashes because I have running many other softwares in the background but it goes up to 14 kilo hashes believe me now the thing is that for all this mining you have to keep your computer turn on so there will be electric cost that you have to pay there are many websites out there that will calculate the mining profit for you but the one I liked is this one I will give you the link in the description below first of all come here select the Bitcoin then choose the proper unit I got was kilo hashes so I will choose that insert the hashing power the maximum power that you got mine was 14 the power consumption if you have a desktop will be written on the back of the power supply if you have a laptop go check out your adapter it will be written on that mine was 65 parts and the cost per kilowatt hour in the city I live is 015 so as you can see now in the profit per month is in negative. So, what does this mean I am losing money, and per year I am using a considerable amount of money, so this is not good this is really not good. It will be different for you maybe some people might have an electric city very cheap, or there might be people who are getting very high hashing power. So I am NOT claiming that it is always lousy check out for yourself calculate for yourself, but if we do a little search on Google for the desktop power consumption, it is between 80 and 250.
We will take 200 watts if you have a desktop and you are consuming 250 watts of power, and the ability you are getting is, for example, a 100-kilo hashes or maybe a thousand collages it is still not in profit for you are still losing money. So go check out for yourself now I know there are people’s out there that will be asking about what about the solar system and like that so I want to keep this article small. I won’t include all the math behind that but what I saw is that if you’re going to spend money on the solar panel this process won’t even recover all the cost of the solar system unless you got the solar system for free, so at the end of the video the conclusion is that mining the Bitcoin in the web result is not profitable at least not for me go check out for yourself. I will give you all the links in the description below and thanks for watching see you next time until then don’t forget to keep yourself updated

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