✅ Is the NEW Google Chrome browser now blocking all annoying ads? Coalition for better ads


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Google rolled out some new filtering policies in regards to its browser. They’re going to be blocking all the severely annoying ads, and we know there are a lot out there right now the ones that pop up the full page deals the ones that play music, and you can’t figure out where they’re coming from and there are annoying flashing ones that are animated. They’re going to be done ski on the new browser they’re gonna be able to block those things while a lot of people like this new feature it’s being questioned a little bit Google owns 56% of the Internet traffic so 50% of the Internet traffic in the world is running through a Chrome browser and then being part of the group that made the decision on what ads the block is having people asking not sure why Google has so much control so much power what people are going to be seeing people see this is kind of intrusive on Google’s part. I mean they know a lot about our lives already what’s a little bit more they can kind of control these annoying ads that would be helpful I think they’re trying to this kind of baseline and trying to set standards for the types of ads people can put on the Internet I do think there needs to be some sort of rules and standards that need to take place when people are creating these things so they’re not super annoying I hate the full-page ads that I gotta somehow find somewhere the other is the X and click on it and the music one’s driving me insane when I’m on a site I’m scrolling down I just hear and blasting music and I’m like I don’t know where it’s coming from and I’m trying to scroll the page and see where it’s coming from I hope they kill those things altogether it looks like they’re gonna be the idea behind this is super straightforward what Google is hoping to do is if they remove all these really bad type of ads people will be less likely to download those third-party ad blockers that block everything so hopefully people will stop doing that they’ll see more ads but they’ll be able to now make people do ads the right way and get the really annoying ads that are causing people to download third-party blockers simple so once a website fails that test so if somebody plays a really intrusive ad and that gets blocked a company will have 30 days to appeal that and if it is deemed inappropriate it will be blocked from the Chrome browser so there is an appeal process which I guess is good since this is going to be mostly done through a browser people saying this is annoying and the browser picking that up itself and the end users will then see a pop-up that’ll say an ad was blocked and you’ll be allowed to say okay go ahead and allow ads on the site if you feel like the site’s ads are okay so under this new program if the user is using Chrome and goes to a website they’re gonna be prompted to either pay for a pass to continue to block those or they’re going to have to turn off their third party ad blocker and if they do that they’re gonna see the ads and if they choose not to do that they won’t be able to see the site at all to see these prompt users will have to sign in to participate in the google contributor program and they must be signed in to Chrome if they’re not signed in and have an ad blocker turned on they won’t be able to serve you the site at all if they’re not using an ad blocker at all they’ll still be able to view the site as usual complete with ads the problem is here is you’re gonna have to sign up for it to participate it you have to be signed in to Chrome to be able to even do this and if you don’t sign in you won’t even see the website itself so if you choose to pay for the pass you will continue to see the site if you’re not logged in you won’t see the site at all and that’s how it’s gonna work our publishers must first be compliant with ad standards from the coalition of better ads of which Google is a part that was part of the problem to begin with people are like. Hey hold on a minute you’re coming up with all the rules and you’re part of this group that use determining what ads are good so we have three things Google’s trying to do so Google will start blocking some types of ads start in 2018 now they’re going to be starting to block all these ads Google will continue to allow users to pay for an option that will continue to block ads on sites. Google will get a cut of that bin and Google is hoping overall that this will help improve ads on the entire Internet I think it’s a perfect thing for Google to do this to standardize these ads across the internet to make them less annoying alright everybody I hope you have a fantastic week I appreciate you watching and if you enjoyed this content make sure you hit that thumbs up as always thanks for watching and until next time I will see you

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